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Find the latest versions and updates of our software, including Spirometry PC Software (SPCS), PUMA, COBRA and CHEETA.

Spirometry PC Software (SPCS)

Software for MicroLoop, MicroLab and SpiroUSB spirometers.

Designed to meet the needs of busy clinicians and healthcare professionals, CareFusion's Spirometry PC Software can be used to interface a spirometer and PC to provide an exceptionally powerful patient management system.

The Windows compatable software features a multi-window display that allows patients to be tested with the minimal number of steps.

Full version

Version 2.2, September 2013
202MB installation file
Requires licence


Version 2.2, September 2013
42.7MB installation file
Requires Full version

PUMA PC Software

Software for MicroRPM Respiratory Pressure Meter.

PUMA PC Software works with the MicroRPM Respiratory Pressure Meter to measure respiratory muscle strength.

Full version

v1.4.2, 21.1 MV
21.6MB installation file
Serial no. 120-000-001

COBRA PC Software

For use with the MicroCO and BabyCO (Smoking Cessation) measuring carbon Monoxide levels.

COBRA PC Software works with the MicroCO and BabyCO monitors to measure levels of carbon monoxide (CO).

Full version

Version 2.03.2, August 2008
4MB installation file


Challenge testing software for use with spirometers to measure medication response.

Full version

Version v2.1.5
36MB installation file

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